C++ Vehicle Model Distribution

Learn how to distribute a Vehicle Model written in C++.

Now that you have created your own Vehicle Model, we can distribute it to make use of it in Vehicle Apps.

Copying the folder to your Vehicle App repo

The easiest way to get started quickly is to copy the created model, presumably stored in vehicle_model into your Vehicle App repository to use it. To do so, simply copy and paste the directory into the <sdk_root>/app directory and replace the existing model.

Using a git submodule

A similar approach to the one above but a bit more difficult to set up is to create a git repository for the created model. The advantage of this approach is that you can share the same model between multiple Vehicle Apps without any manual effort.

  1. Create a new git repository on i.e. Github
  2. Clone it locally, add the created vehicle_model folder to the git repository
  3. Commit everything and push the branch

In your Vehicle App repo, add a new git submodule via

git submodule add <checkout URL of your new repo> app/vehicle_model
git submodule init

Now you are ready to develop new Vehicle Apps with your custom Vehicle Model!

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