Service Integration

Learn how to integrate a Vehicle Service that executes the request on vehicle side

Services can make sure, that when you write a VSS datapoint, something is actually happening. Eclipse Velocitas has an example seat, hvac or light service. If your Vehicle App makes use of e.g. Vehicle.Cabin.Seat.Row1.Pos1.Position, Vehicle.Body.Lights.IsBackupOn, Vehicle.Body.Lights.IsHighBeamOn, Vehicle.Body.Lights.IsLowBeamOn you are in for some real action. To learn more, visit Vehicle Services.

You can validate the interaction of the service with your Vehicle App by adding a Vehicle Service to the /app/AppManifest.json, start the services locally and debug it.

Modify services

For more advanced usage you can als try modifying existing services. Check out the seat service for example, modify it and integrate it into your Vehicle App repository.

Create your own services

If you want to create your own service the KUKSA.val Services repository contains examples illustrating how such kind of vehicle services can be built. You need to write an application that talks to KUKSA.val listening to changes of a target value of some VSS datapoint and then do whatever you want. You can achieve this by using the KUKSA.val GRPC API with any programming language of your choice (learn more about GRPC).

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