Learn how to get started with Eclipse Velocitas™, including setting up the development environment, creating a Vehicle Model as well as developing, testing and deploying a Vehicle App.

Customer Journey


Learn how to setup and explore the provided development environment.

Prototyping Integration

Learn how to start a prototype with the playground of digital.auto and integrate it into Velocitas.

Vehicle App Development

Learn how to develop a new Vehicle App.

Vehicle Model Creation

Learn how creation of vehicle models work and how to adapt it to your needs.

Run Vehicle App Runtime Services

Learn how to run the Vehicle App Runtime Services locally or in Kubernetes.

Vehicle App Integration Testing

Learn how to test that a Vehicle App together with the KUKSA Data Broker and potentially other dependant Vehicle Services or Vehicle Apps runs as expected.

Vehicle App Deployment via PodSpecs

Learn how to prepare PodSpecs for the deployment of a Vehicle App.

Vehicle App Deployment with Helm

Learn how to prepare a Helm chart for the deployment of a Vehicle App.