About Velocitas

Explore the goal, benefits and basic concepts of Eclipse Velocitas™

Eclipse Velocitas™ provides an end-to-end, scalable and modular development tool chain to create containerized in-vehicle applications (Vehicle Apps), offering a comfortable, fast and efficient development experience to increase the speed of a development team.

What does Velocitas offer?

  • Predefined CI/CD workflows that build (for multi architectures), test, document and deploy a Vehicle App help saving setup time
  • DevContainer helps to install everything to start the local development immediately in Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • Vehicle API to abstract the vehicle’s signals and E/E architecture helps to focus on business logic and enables Vehicle Apps to be portable across different electric and electronic vehicle architectures
  • Vehicle Apps skeleton and example Vehicle Apps helps to understand easily how to write a Vehicle Apps using the KUKSA VAL runtime services
  • Higher development velocity through self-contained, containerized Apps with no dependencies to E/E architecture


Use Cases

Is Velocitas for me? How does Velocitas help?

Development Model

Learn more about provided development model for Vehicle Apps.

Deployment Model

Learn more about our deployment model and guiding principles.

Repository Overview

The repositories of the Eclipse Velocitas and their relations between each other

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