Eclipse Velocitas™

Toolchain for creating containerized in-vehicle applications

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The Eclipse project Velocitas™ provides an end-to-end, scalable and modular development toolchain to create containerized in-vehicle applications (Vehicle Apps) that offers a comfortable, fast and efficient development experience to increase the velocity of a development team.

Vehicle App Project Template

Quick setup of a Vehicle App project with the help of GitHub templates for the supported programming languages including a sample Vehicle App and GitHub Actions workflow, and comfortable setup of the development environment e.g. in Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

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Vehicle App Programming Model

Simplify coding and debugging of Vehicle Apps that accessing vehicle data points and modifying vehicle functions using the provided SDK for the different programming languages that delegates to the Vehicle Abstraction Layer.

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Vehicle Abstraction Layer

Abstracts vehicle make & model specific properties and capabilities to a common representation. This makes it possible for Vehicle Apps to be portable across different electric and electronic vehicle architectures e.g. the Vehicle Apps do not care whether the seat is controlled via CAN, LIN or some other physical interface.

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GitHub Actions Workflow Blueprint

Providing ready-to-use GitHub workflows to check the Vehicle App, build images for multi architectures, scan it, execute integration tests and release the Vehicle App to allow the developer to focus on the development of the Vehicle App.

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Automated Release Process

Providing a release workflow to generate release artifacts and documentation out of the CI workflow results and push it to the GitHub container registry to be used by a deployment system.

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Deployment Model

Running and deploying Vehicle App as OCI-compliant container to increase the flexibility to support different programming languages and runtimes to accelerate innovation and development.

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