Software update configuration

Customize the deployment and management of software artifacts.


To control all aspects of the software update behavior.

featureIdstringSoftwareUpdatableFeature unique identifier in the scope of the edge digital twin
moduleTypestringsoftwareType of the software that is managed by this feature
artifactTypestringarchiveType of the artifact that is to be processed: archive or plain
installstring[]Absolute path to the install script/command and an optional sequence of additional flags/parameters
storageLocationstring./Path to the storage directory where the working files are stored
installDirsstring[]File system directories where the local artifacts are stored
modestringstrictRestriction where the local artifacts can be stored on the file system, the supported modes are: strict, lax and scope
downloadRetryCountint0Number of retries, in case of a failed download
downloadRetryIntervalstring5sInterval between retries, in case of a failed download as a sequence of decimal numbers, each with optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as: 300ms, 1.5h, 10m30s, etc., time units are: ns, us (or µs), ms, s, m, h
Download - TLS
serverCertstringPEM encoded certificate file for secure downloads
Local connectivity
brokerstringtcp://localhost:1883Address of the MQTT server/broker that the software update will connect for the local communication, the format is: scheme://host:port
usernamestringUsername that is a part of the credentials
passwordstringPassword that is a part of the credentials
logFilestringlog/software-update.logPath to the file where log messages are written
logLevelstringINFOAll log messages at this or higher level will be logged, the log levels in descending order are: ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG and TRACE
logFileCountint5Log file maximum rotations count
logFileMaxAgeint28Log file rotations maximum age in days, use 0 to not remove old log files
logFileSizeint2Log file size in MB before it gets rotated


The minimal required configuration that sets the software type to firmware.

    "moduleType": "firmware",
    "storageLocation": "/var/lib/software-update",
    "logFile": "/var/log/software-update/software-update.log"


The configuration can be further adjusted according to the use case. The following template illustrates all possible properties with their default values.

    "featureId": "SoftwareUpdatable",
    "moduleType": "software",
    "artifactType": "archive",
    "install": [],
    "storageLocation": "./",
    "installDirs": [],
    "mode": "strict",
    "downloadRetryCount": 0,
    "downloadRetryInterval": "5s",
    "serverCert": "",
    "broker": "tcp://localhost:1883",
    "username": "",
    "password": "",
    "logFile": "log/software-update.log",
    "logLevel": "INFO",
    "logFileCount": 5,
    "logFileMaxAge": 28,
    "logFileSize": 2
Last modified November 18, 2022