Update software

Install a Debian package on your edge device.

By following the steps below you will install ahello Debian package via a publicly available Eclipse Hono sandbox using Eclipse Kanto. A couple of simple Eclipse Hono northbound business applications written in Python are provided to explore the capabilities for remotely installing and monitoring. On the edge side, a basic install_hello.sh script will be downloaded and executed.

Before you begin

To ensure that your edge device is capable to execute the steps in this guide, you need:

  • Debian-based linux distribution and the apt command line tool

  • If you don’t have an installed and running Eclipse Kanto, follow Install Eclipse Kanto

  • If you don’t have a connected Eclipse Kanto to Eclipse Hono sandbox, follow Explore via Eclipse Hono

  • The software update application

    Navigate to the quickstart folder where the resources from the Explore via Eclipse Hono guide are located and execute the following script:

    wget https://github.com/eclipse-kanto/kanto/raw/main/quickstart/hono_commands_su.py
  • Executing hello in the terminal will return that the command is not found

Install Debian package

To explore the software management, we will use two Python scripts to install and monitor the hello Debian package. The location where the Python applications will run does not have to be your edge device as they communicate remotely with Eclipse Hono only.

First, start the monitoring application that requires the configured Eclipse Hono tenant (-t) and will print all received events triggered by the device:

python3 hono_events.py -t demo

In another terminal, we are ready to spin up a hello Debian package at the edge via executing the second application that requires the Eclipse Hono tenant (-t) and the device identifier (-d):

python3 hono_commands_su.py -t demo -d demo:device


You can check out that the new package is installed on your edge device via executing:


The command now displays: Hello, world!

Clean up

The installed hello Debian package can be removed via executing:

sudo apt remove hello
Last modified October 12, 2022