Monitor system metrics

Monitor system metrics from your edge device.

By following the steps below you will be able to monitor the system metrics from your edge device via a publicly available Eclipse Hono sandbox using Eclipse Kanto. A simple Eclipse Hono northbound business application written in Python is provided to explore the capabilities for remotely monitoring the CPU and memory utilization.

Before you begin

To ensure that all steps in this guide can be executed, you need:

  • Plotly and Dash installed

    Plotly is an open-source plotting library and Dash is a framework for building data application in Python. They are used in this example to run a simple HTTP server and visualize the incoming system metrics data in real time, and they do not have to be running on your edge device. You can install them by executing:

    pip3 install plotly dash
  • If you don’t have an installed and running Eclipse Kanto on your edge device, follow Install Eclipse Kanto

  • If you don’t have a connected Eclipse Kanto to Eclipse Hono sandbox, follow Explore via Eclipse Hono

  • The system metrics application

    Navigate to the quickstart folder where the resources from the Explore via Eclipse Hono guide are located and execute the following script:


Monitor system metrics

To explore the system metrics, we will use a Python script to request and monitor the CPU and memory utilization. The location where the Python application will run does not have to be your edge device as it communicates remotely with Eclipse Hono only.

Now we are ready to request the system metrics from the edge via executing the application that requires the Eclipse Hono tenant (-t) and the device identifier (-d):

python3 -t demo -d demo:device


You can check out that the CPU and memory utilization metrics are properly received and displayed by checking out the application dashboard (by default -

Last modified October 12, 2022