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Connect and start managing your edge device via Bosch IoT Device Management.

Bosch IoT Device Management enables remote data, management and configuration of devices and fleets of devices in a unified and flexible manner. Eclipse Kanto is Bosch IoT Device Management integrated out-of-the-box.

Before you begin

To ensure you have prepared the backend where your device will be connected you will need to perform the following

Configure Eclipse Kanto

Eclipse Kanto uses the generated provisioning.json to acquire all the remote communication, identification and authentication data to establish the remote connection. Once you have it available on the device in /etc/suite-connector/provisioning.json, Eclipse Kanto will connect your device automatically.


If the connection has been established successfully, you should be able to see two Things with a green plugged-in icon on the right-hand side

  • <your-namespace>:<gateway-name> - the gateway you have provisioned with Features, e.g.
    • ConnectionStatus
    • SoftwareUpdatable
    • AutoUploadable
    • BackupAndRestore
    • Metrics
  • <your-namespace>:<gateway-name>:edge:containers - a virtual one that provides the edge container management Features, e.g.
    • ConnectionStatus
    • ContainerFactory
    • SoftwareUpdatable
    • Metrics

What’s next

Learn how to manage your device via Bosch IoT Device Management
Last modified September 29, 2022