About Eclipse Kanto

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We are living in an era of digitization, in which companies are reshaping their operations and innovating their business models by offering next generation connected products and digital services. Machines, consumer goods and vehicles are transforming into complex connected IoT devices with advanced software features, collecting and reacting on user insights and data in real-time in secure and safe way.

Edge computing is shifting from hardware to software focusing on intelligent devices, edge platforms, edge applications and services. New connected products continuously increase in complexity to benefit AIoT – be it built into the products or empowering the production lines. Building the products of the future such as connected vehicles and in vehicle cross-domain applications, connected appliances, smart buildings and connected manufacturing is becoming more and more complex and companies are losing time and money to build the common technologies by themselves, sometimes even lacking the right skills and expertise.

We bring our knowledge and 20+ years of IoT and edge experience in the open source to enable true collaboration, technology co-development and co-innovation! We address the sheer complexity of edge software and hardware via open technology and ecosystem approach ensuring freedom of choice with vendor-neutral, independent jointly-developed software that goes at the heart of manufactured devices.


Eclipse Kanto™ is a modular IoT edge software that enables devices for IoT with all essentials like cloud connectivity, digital twins, local communication, container management, and software updates - all configurable and remotely manageable by an IoT cloud ecosystem of choice.

Eclipse Kanto makes it possible to deploy intelligence on the device so companies can get more value from diverse edge assets, process and act on IoT data right on the device and manage devices from the cloud. Device manufacturers can add new revenue streams with connected products and ensure agile development for hardware and software.

Using Eclipse Kanto, technology teams take advantage of configurable and reusable building blocks to connect the unconnected or build the edge applications for the next generation connected products and services.

Eclipse Kanto is specifically optimized for complex IoT devices facing limited hardware resources, (near) real-time requirements, diverse device software, heterogeneous data sources and the ability to operate without connection. This makes it a perfect technology for emerging paradigms such as software-defined vehicles, connected machines and connected manufacturing, smart appliances, smart buildings and more.


Cloud connectivity


Digital twins


Local communication


Lightweight container management


Flexible software updates


Flexible file uploads


Flexible deployment